Piano and Two Pianos

Tableaux (2022) for piano (28′)

Commissioned by: Dorothy for the 21st Century Consort and dedicated to pianist Lisa Emenheiser in memory of Deborah Marschak

Premiere: Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C. February 4, 2022 CONCERT VIDEO begins at 31.28.   Program Note

Double Sonata (1989) two pianos (22′)

Commissioned by: Walter W. Naumburg Foundation
Premiere: Anton Nel and Barry Snyder, pianos. Alice Tully Hall, New York, NY.
June 26, 1989.
Published: Presser #440-40018
I. Adagio, senza misura (In memoriam V.P. and M.F.)
II. Molto maetoso
III. Veloce, misterioso, scorrevole
IV. Vivace leggiero

Cut-time Shout (2004) for two pianos (2′) 

Premiere: Frances Whang and Barbara Rowan, pianos
 Presser #140-40099

Impromptu (1987) for piano (5′)

Commissioned by: Mrs. Gene Rochberg
Premiere: James Primosh, piano. Free Library of Philadelphia, PA.
November 12, 1989.
Published: Presser #140-40077

Fantasies (1975) for Piano Four-Hand