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A Great Evening in Baldwin Auditorium

A Great Evening In Baldwin Auditorium

March 28, 2010.  While most of the campus attention was on the basketball games, a rather remarkable and well attended concert was held in Baldwin Auditorium, featuring compositions by Thom Limbert (“Timepiece”), Chia-Yu Hsu (“Among Gardens” and “Journey to the West”) and John Mayrose (“Common Practice, Book I”).   The concert featured the performance talents of the Ciompi Quartet; Jane Hawkins, piano; and the members of pulsoptional composers collective, among many others. This photo, taken after the concert, features graduate composers, faculty and performers.Front row left-to right:  Kathleen Bader, Sarah Griffin, Caroline Mallonee, John Mayrose, Sidney Boquiren, Chia-Yu Hsu, Jane Hawkins, Janet Jieru Chen

Back row:  Ben Crawford, Todd Hershberger, Thom Limbert, marc faris, Stephen Jaffe, Alex Kotch, Jamie Keesacker, Dan Ruccia, David Kirkland Garner


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