Selected Small Chamber Ensemble Works (2-3 players)


Four Pieces Quasi Sonata (2006) for viola and piano (17’)

Premiere:  Jonathan Bagg, viola; Donald Berman, piano.

I. paysage (lyric resonance; bell, dove, bones, the blues; lamentation)
II. Dialogue of figures (march–vivace; scherzo)
III. Solo (Calmo, dolce)
IV. ‘Tornello (kleine pop musik)

Published:Presser 144-40544. NB In some copies a blank measure mistakenly appeared in m. 102 of the second movement. Rehearsal No. 26 should immediately follow m. 101.

Video: Dawn Kramer’s Choreography Vignette

Brian Peterson’s Invisible Vine

Sonata (in four parts) (2008) for cello and piano (24’)

Premiere: Kennedy Center Chamber Players, David Hardy, Lambert Orkis.
Published: Presser 144-40545

Designs (2002) for flute, guitar and percussion (15’)

Premiere: Christine Gustafson. National Center for the Arts, Taiwan.

Designs II (2011-12) for Clarinet/Bass Clarinet,  Guitar/Electric Guitar, and Percussion (19-20′)

Premiere:  Nicholas Lewis, clarinet and bass clarinet; Dan Lippel, guitar; Douglas Perkins, percussion. (Duke University). Beat City (Tufts University).

Designs II’s individual movements, Teneramente (Clarinet, Guitar and Percussion) and Vivo e ruvido (Bass Cl., Elec. Guitar, Percussion) may be performed separately or together.

Offering (1996) for flute, harp and viola (16′)

Premiere: Aureole Trio/Mallarmé Chamber Players
Published: Presser #144-40353S

Three Figures and a Ground (1987) flute and piano (18′)

Commissioned by: National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Commission
Premiere: Patricia Spencer, flute; David Oei, piano. Merkin Concert Hall, New York City. March 21, 1988.
Published: Presser #144-40170

Partita (1981) cello, piano and percussion (13′)

Premiere: Da Capo Chamber Players

Double Sonata for two pianos and Cut Time Shout (see Piano and Two Piano Music)

Crazy Quilt (2001) for flute, oboe and cello (5′)

Premiere: Composers Conference and Chamber Music Festival