Mixed Chamber Ensemble/Chamber Concertos (4-11 musicians)

Homage to the Breath (2000-01) Instrumental and Vocal Meditations for mezzo-soprano and ten players, with a text by Thich Nhat Hanh (24′)

Commissioned by: Barlow Endowment for Music Composition in honor of the 25th anniversary of the 20th Century Consort
Premiere:  Milagro Vargas, mezzo-soprano; 20th Century Consort; Christopher Kendall, conductor. Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC. November 10, 2001.

I. running pulse

II. ostinato elegiaco
III. homage to the breath (with mezzo-soprano)


Five Chamber Concertos

Chamber Concerto (“Singing Figures”) (1996) Oboe solo, vln., vla., vc. piano, harpsichord, celesta (two players) (21′)

Commissioned by:  Orchestra of St. Luke’s, New York
Premiere: St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, Melanie Feld, oboe, Stephen Jaffe, conductor; Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY; April 10, 1996

Movements: Dance PreludeFinaleWater Music

RECORDING  Published: Presser (#446-41199, Study Score; #446-41199 Large Score)

Light Dances (Chamber Concerto No. 2) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano (2010) 24’

Commissioned by: Network for New Music, Philadelphia
Premiere: Network for New Music; Jan Krzywicki, conductor. Ethical Society, Philadelphia, PA. 9th April 2010.

I. Steps
II. Incipit
III. A dance around the light

Video: In rehearsal with Network for New MusicPERUSABLE SCORE

HIP Concerto (Chamber Concerto No. 3) (2013) for J.S. Bach inspired ensemble of Historical or Modern Instruments: Recorder/Transverse Fl., Baroque Oboe, Baroque Trumpet (D and C), Baroque Violin, Baroque Viola, Baroque Cello, Violone, Harpsichord.  (17′) (May also be performed with modern flute, oboe, and trumpet, and modern strings; the solo strings may augmented as well.)

Commissioned by: Mallarmé Chamber Players for the North Carolina HIP Festival, February, 2014
Premiere: North Carolina HIP Festival, February 2014.  PERUSABLE SCORE

MIGRATIONS (Chamber Concerto No. 4) for violin solo and ensemble (Flutes I & II, Percussion, Strings–minimum 4-0-3-2-1).

Commissioned by: Penka Kouneva for the Department of Music, Duke University.
First Performance: Baldwin Auditorium, September 16, 2017 “Breath, Body and Voice” Conference, co-sponsored by Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University. Ensemble of faculty and students, composer conducting, and Gabriel Richard, violin solo.

Three Arcs (Chamber  Concerto No. 5) (2019) for Flute (& piccolo), Percussion, Guitar, Harp, Violin, Viola, Contrabass and Optional Cameo Chorus (SSAA).  (25′). Commissioned by: McCollin Fund and the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia in celebration of the organization’s bicentennial. First Performance: Network for New Music, Jan Kryzwicki, cond. with Pennsylvania Girlchoir, Kimmel Center, Philadelphia.  Delayed by the pandemic.

Cameo (2011) for two antiphonal cellos, flute/picc., bass cl., vln., piano (5′)

Commissioned by: Da Capo Chamber Players in honor of cellists Andre Emelianoff and James Wilson passing a torch
Premiere: Da Capo Chamber Players. Merkin Concert Hall, New York. October 2011.

Triptych (1995) piano and woodwind quintet (22′)

Commissioned by : Raleigh Chamber Music Guild; Premiere: Hexagon  Published: Presser #144-40284

Four Songs With Ensemble (1988)  mezzo-sop., alto fl (& fl.), vla., vc., pno. (18′)

Poetry: Harry Martinson, Robert Francis (2), Denise Levertov
Commissioned by: An Appalachian Summer
Premiere: Broyhill Ensemble; Katherine Ciesinksi, mezzo-soprano. July 24, 1988.

Pedal Point (1993) baritone, 3 vle., 4 vc., timpani (18′)

Premiere: P. Becker, baritone; Duke University Summer Festival; Tonu Kalam, conductor.

Quartet from Arch (1981) violin, cello, clarinet and piano
also known as Ballade Quartet from “Arch” for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Piano (12′)

Premiere: Diachronos Ensemble
Published: Presser #144-40543