Spinoff (1998) for guitar (3′)

Premiere: David Starobin, guitar. Nottingham Festival, U.K. November 18, 1997.
Published: Presser, #144-40361


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Designs (2002) for flute, guitar and percussion (15’)

Premiere: Christine Gustafson, National Center for the Arts, Taiwan.

Designs II (2011-12) for Clarinet/Bass Clarinet,  Guitar/Electric Guitar, and Percussion (19-20′). Dedicated to T.J. Anderson on his 82nd birthday. 

Premiere: Duke University (Nicholas Lewis, Dan Lippel, Douglas Perkins); Tufts University (Beat City).

Designs II’s movements, Teneramente (Clarinet, Guitar and Percussion) and Vivo e ruvido (Bass Cl., Elec. Guitar, Percussion) may be performed separately or together.