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Trio for Viola, Clarinet and Piano

By: Stephen Jaffe

The 21st Century Consort, among my wonderful collaborators, will introduce TRIO, for viola, clarinet and piano (“aka “Washington Trio”) as part of the Consort’s series in Washington on Sunday, February 5, 2022 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.  The performers are Paul Cigan, clarinet, Daniel Foster, viola, and Lisa Emmenheiser-Sarratt, piano.  The Trio was commissioned by Frank M. Hudson for clarinetist Paul Cigan and the 21st Century Consort, to honor the teaching and performing career of Donald E. McGinnis.  From the notes:

The idea for the trio began as a commission to create a chamber work for Paul Cigan, clarinetist of the National Symphony Orchestra and his peers in Washington D.C.’s 21st Century Consort…it was delayed….once begun, the new composition was hard to orphan:  the music persisted and demanded that I invent its world.  The trio cannot be said to be “an artist’s response to coronavirus”, but themes of perseverance and resilience, courage and resistance are everywhere to be found.

The music is cast in four movements and lasts about twenty-five minutes.

Trio (2020)

  1. Adagio
  2. Allegretto vivace
  3. Mosso misterioso (“Deep Bass and Rise”)
  4. Finale (…with the refrain: finish the scale!)

Congratulations to Paul, Daniel, and Lisa for introducing the new work.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work together.