Pandemic Collaborators: String Quartet No. 3 (“A Tapestry”)-Ciompi Quartet, and Four Pieces Quasi Sonata–Electric Earth Concerts

In nice video renditions, two beautiful performances of my chamber music were presented virtually during the pandemic year.  The Ciompi Quartet revisited String Quartet No. 3 (“A Tapestry”), and Jonathan Bagg and Mimi Solomon, under the guise of New Hampshire’s Electric Earth Concerts, performed Four Pieces Quasi Sonata for viola and piano.  I am very grateful these musicians saw enough in my music to study, practice and to present it during such a restricted time.  I thank them for their collaboration and for the honor of their engagement with the music.

Four Pieces Quasi Sonata (Electric Earth Concerts, May 15, 2021–start at 23’30”) Jonathan Bagg, viola, and Mimi Solomon, piano.

Four Pieces Quasi Sonata is second on the program and begins at 23.40.

String Quartet No. 3 (“A Tapestry”) November 15, 2020. Ciompi Quartet.  Spoken introduction by the composer starts at 11′.


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