Symposium on Food Systems, Nutrition, and the Microbiome

The Great Hall at Trent Semans Center, Duke University School of Medicine

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Food systems are fundamental to human, animal, and planetary health. The availability and composition of food in turn has shaped the evolution of human and animal physiology and can contribute to diverse metabolic diseases. The microbiome is increasingly appreciated as an integral part of this continuum from agriculture to nutritional physiology. The goal of this symposium is to explore the frontiers of the exciting interactions between food systems, nutrition, and the microbiome, and emerging ethical and policy implications.

Session 1: Food systems and the microbiome, from field to fork

John Rawls (Duke University)
Opening remarks

Kelly Brownell (Duke University)
“Introduction to food systems”

Omri Finkel (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
“Microbial community maintenance of plant growth – bridging the gap between ecology and mechanism”

Zackary Johnson (Duke University)
“Marine microalgae food systems: production, microbiomes and gut health”

Manuel Kleiner (North Carolina State University)
“Metaproteomics to investigate microbiota-host interactions”

Session 2: Impact of nutrition and microbiome on human health

Noelle Younge (Duke University)
“Metabolic and microbial signatures of growth failure in preterm infants”

Christopher Newgard (Duke University)
“Multi-omics approaches for uncovering mechanisms of cardiometabolic diseases”

Svati Shah (Duke University)
“Precision approaches to weight loss and obesity”

Vanessa Ridaura (Verily Life Sciences)
“Project Baseline”

Session 3: Potential microbial solutions to modern challenges in food systems and metabolic health

Paul Wischmeyer (Duke University)
“Microbiome and nutrition in the clinic”

John Rawls (Duke University)
“Microbial and metabolic signatures of pediatric obesity – insights from the POMMS study”

Lawrence David (Duke University)
“Metabarcoding for tracking human diet”

Jennifer Kuzma (North Carolina State University)
“From big to small: societal dimensions of microbiome applications in agriculture and ecosystems”


Organizing committee:

Sarah Armstrong, Kelly Brownell, Lawrence David, Claudia Gunsch, Christopher Newgard, John Rawls, Svati Shah, Anthony Sung, Paul Wischmeyer