Duke Microbiome Center – Strategic Plan 2018

Overall Mission: The DMC aims to provide an intellectual environment that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in the microbiome sciences, core facilities to support research programs, and to support the university’s training objectives through the development of educational programs.


Vision:  Duke University has internationally recognized faculty in the microbiome sciences, representing a rich diversity of scientific disciplines and technical expertise.  The DMC provides an intellectual environment where faculty can productively interact with other microbiome scientists while remaining rooted in their primary basic science and clinical departments.

Goal: The DMC seeks to strategically engage schools and departments across Duke University for new faculty recruitments to build upon existing strengths, leverage current initiatives, and fill key scientific/technical gaps in the Duke microbiome portfolio.


Vision:  The DMC provides investigators with access to state-of-the-art and cost-efficient core facilities as well as pilot grant mechanisms to support cutting-edge microbiome sciences research.

Goal: Ensure faculty have access to state-of-the-art facilities and other support they need to grow and succeed in the microbiome field. Identify core facilities of specific interest to DMC investigators, and provide consultation on best practices and publicity. Maintain internal funding mechanisms to support new and multi-investigator projects. When needed, provide subvention support for key core facilities as they take steps to meet the needs of the DMC.


Vision: DMC enables Duke University to be an innovative leader in microbiome science education at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. 

Goal: Educate current and future generations of microbiome scientists. Sustain successful existing microbiome science education programs such as the NSF-funded IBIEM graduate training program (http://ibiem.pratt.duke.edu/), and innovate to meet the growing demand for microbiome science education across Duke University.  Draw from the diverse expertise represented in the DMC faculty, and be prepared to respond to new RFAs relevant to microbiome science and training.


Vision: The DMC maintains a vibrant intellectual environment for its faculty and trainees, and effectively communicates its activities to the Duke community to recruit resources use and member participation.

Goal: Sustain a diverse array of community building activities including provision of administrative support for DMC.