“What are we trying to Accomplish?”

When working to improve healthcare, perhaps no question is more fundamental than “What are we trying to accomplish?” A well constructed aims statement is an essential tool that guides improvement work.

Karen Baldoza (IHI Executive Director and and faculty for the Improvement Coach Professional Development Program) and Christina Gunther-Murphy (an IHI Executive Director and faculty for the Back to Basics: Building Essential QI Skills Quick Course) have written an excellent article with Myths (and Tips) about creating an Improvement Aims Statement.

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Learn More About Healthcare Legislation

Health care has taken center stage in the last few months in the United States. From debates on Capitol Hill, to town hall meetings, to non-stop media coverage, topics like insurance coverage, Medicaid expansion, and payment reform have been on everyone’s minds.

If you’re feeling confused by high risk pools, health savings accounts and pre-existing conditions we have a great resource for you! Dr. Don Berwick, IHI President Emeritus and Senior Fellow has created a video that lays out the basics of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

No matter your view, we believe a common understanding of the issues is critical!



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QI Symposium Winners Announced

On April 20th, Duke IHI hosted a symposium to showcase the work of this year’s Quality & Innovation Scholars Program participants! This year’s event featured a keynote address by DUHS Associate CMO for Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, Dr. Jon Bae, and oral and poster presentations by QISP project teams.

The Chancellor’s Scholarship was awarded at the symposium. The scholarship provides students the opportunity to travel and present their QISP project at the 2017 National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare.

This years winners are:

Nicole Dalal, MD candidate, who worked with Dr. Matt Atkins and others on, “Improving Continuity in the Internal Medicine Resident PRIME Clinic at the Durham VA”

Inline image 1

Nicole with Dr. Jon Bae, Associate Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Patient Safety and Clinical Quality.
Jacqueline Lawrence, BSN candidate, worked with Dr. Lynn Bowlby and others at the Duke Outpatient Clinic on a project “Improving Access to Contraception”

Jacqueline with Patrick O’Shea, MD, MBA– winner of the 2016 Chancellor’s Scholarship to the IHI National Forum.

Congratulations to our winners and to all the QISP students who presented their excellent work!

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