Past Events

The Duke IHI Open School Chapter empowers student leaders in health care improvement and patient safety by:

  • Connecting Students with Leaders:
    • Past speakers in our monthly speakers series include:
      • Dan Ariely, New York Times Best-selling Author, of Predictably Irrational, and Professor of Behavioral Economics, Duke University
      • Dr. Eugene Washington, Chancellor of Health Affairs, Duke University
      • Dr. David Zaas, President at Duke Raleigh Hospital
      • Dr. Tom Owens, Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for Duke University Health System, and an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine.
      • Dr. Bimal Shah, Department of Cardiology
      • Judy Milne, Duke Patient Safety Officer
      • Dr. Jeffrey Ferranti, Duke Chief Medical Information Officer
      • Dr. Yousuf Zafar, Principal Investigator at the Duke Cancer Care Research Program
      • Victor J. Dzau, Chancellor of Health Affairs, Duke University
      • J. Bryan Sexton, Director of Patient Safety Operations
      • Kshitij Mistry, Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care
      • Dori Sullivan, Associate Dean, Duke School of Nursing
      • Katherine Bricio, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Martin & Jones, PLLC
      • Meshelle Taylor, Major in the U.S. Army
      • Sid Wolfe, Director of the Health Research Group, Public Citizen; FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Committee
      • Katherine Bricio, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Martin & Jones, PLLC
      • John Anderson, Chief Medical Officer for Duke Primary Care
      • Peter Ubel, Jack O. Blackburn Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the Fuqua School of Business; Professor of Public Policy at the Sanford School of Public Policy
      • Linda Cronenwett, Chair of the NC Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety; Former Dean of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing
    • OpSwaps- Modeled after the MIT Sloan School of Business’s “Opportunity Swap”, these sessions allow health professions and non-health professions students to see how the other side approaches QI challenges in healthcare using case-based discussions facilitated by key faculty. Events are popular, and fill quickly.
      • 2015-2016: IHI hosted two OpSwaps. One hosted at DukeMed in February with Dr. Alicia Clark and Dr. Kevin Shah and another at Fuqua in April with Dr. Jen Perkins, MBA.
      • 2014-2015: IHI hosted an OpSwap in April 2015.
  • Fostering “Hands on” Student Projects
    • As a leading chapter nationally, Duke IHI was selected as a pilot site for new national IHI QI Practicum coursework. Duke IHI serves a hub to foster student involvement in QI projects across Duke. This has now grown into the Quality & Innovation Scholars Program (QISP), which has been recognized by IHI National as a leading model of student QI leadership.
    • Curriculum Reform – School of Medicine
      • New 2-week “Selective” in Healthcare Quality, Management and Leadership designed by students
      • Students serve on Patient Safety Clinical Core Committees
    • Root Cause Analysis- Students invited to participate in real Root Cause Analyses for major events at Duke University (e.g. a wrong-site surgery)
    • Infection Control at Duke and Rex Hospitals- Past student-initiated project in partnership with North Carolina State IHI ChapterCompleted project on implementation of the WHO Surgical Checklist at DUMC
    • Completed project on a Durham Small Business Health Plan, modeling an innovative health clinic for small businesses with the Durham Chamber of Commerce
  • Recognizing Student Leadership
    • Platform Presentations at the 21st and 22nd Annual IHI National Forum, Orlando, FL, December 2009 and 2010 respectively
    • Three students have attended the IHI National Annual Conference since 2010.
    • Celebrated 2nd Annual IHI Open School Regional Conference at Fuqua with UNC, Wake Forest, NC State in 2010.
    • In discussion to foster new QI conference with Duke medical residents.
    • Presentation to the Duke Board of Visitors, May 2009
    • National MDConnector Competition Finalist
    • Enthusiastic support from senior Duke leadership

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