2018 OpSwap with Dr. Kevin Shah

On November 29th, Dr. Kevin Shah returned to present the first OpSwap of the 2018-2019 year. As the first of the series, Dr. Shah presented the two major quality improvement models, Six Sigma and LEAN, and offered a crash-course in the basics of QI.


We then took a deeper dive into a specific case of QI innovation and implementation here at Duke in terms of the management of diabetic hypertension. Dr. Shah highlighted the importance of working in a diverse team and carefully observing every level and every step in any complex process when trying to improve a system. Our audience, composed of students from the School of Medicine, Fuqua, and the Nursing School, divided into teams to solve four different aspects of this particular case.

As always, our thanks go out to Dr. Shah and too all of our attendees for making this another successful event!

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2018 IHI Kickoff with Chancellor Washington

Launching the 2018-2019 year of IHI program was our Kickoff with Chancellor Washington. Students from across our campus gathered for this event, representing the schools of Business, Medicine, Nursing and Policy. The Chancellor highlighted the impacts and potentials of healthcare improvement, describing his work at the highest level at Duke as CEO of DUHS. He shared with our students his unique perspective on the healthcare systems, and the future directions and landscape into which we might be headed. We were honored to have the Chancellor join us in welcoming and inspiring this year’s IHI class.

Our most sincere thanks go out to all those who attended, and Chancellor Washington!



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