The IHI Open School Duke University Chapter is a dynamic student organization that brings together graduate students from across disciplines to promote and support explorations in healthcare improvement.


What is quality improvement?


Online courses written by world-renowned faculty. Take our online courses in quality improvement, patient safety, leadership, patient- and family-centered care, population health, and managing health care operations, which are free to students, residents, and faculty. Boost your skills anywhere you have Internet access

A network of students and educators like you. Connect with students and faculty from other professions, states, and countries through our network of Chapters.

The IHI Open School Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety. Complete a set of 13 online courses–free to students, residents, and faculty –and earn a certificate that shows employers you’re serious about improving care.

Case studies, exercises, videos, featured articles. Discover a bounty of online resources available on our (mobile-friendly!) website.

Project-based learning opportunities. Complete the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum by conducting a quality improvement project at your local institution or build leadership and community organizing skills to improve the health of your community through the Leadership and Organizing for Change course.

What does involvement in the IHI Open School Chapter Network mean to students?


Membership to the IHI Open School is open to any student at Duke University. Any Duke employee or faculty may also become an affiliate member and attend open events.

Because of our active University-wide chapter, affiliate members can garner access to the national IHI Open School Curriculum by creating an account with their “@duke.edu” email address. Signing in through this account will enable free access to all of their student-specific content (including modules and teaching resources). Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register.

Subscribe to the Duke chapter and the national IHI mailing lists to get started!