Leadership Position Descriptions

See below for the list of IHI leadership positions. Apply for any open positions by emailing DukeIHI@gmail.com. Learn more here.

Note: If you are interested in Programming Chair, Development Chair, or QISP Chair positions, but would rather have a more limited time commitment (ie no Exec meetings, less management responsibility), becoming a committee member is a great option to get involved. Similarly for Liaison positions for students at the Fuqua, Nursing, Public Policy, Law, PT, DPT, or Engineering Schools.s

1. (Co-)President(s)- 

  • Lead all strategic efforts
  • Lead monthly/quarterly exec meetings and Advisory Board meetings
  • Drives brainstorming on new ideas (programming, events) and their execution
  • Supports ALL committees as possible – servant leader!
  • Ensures continuity (Exec council recruitment, maintaining key documents, etc)
  • “Keeps the bus moving” – excite those around you
  • Direct communication with Jon Bae, monthly meetings with JB 
  • Support exec members in any way needed
  • Time Commitment: 10-15 hrs/week

2. Logistical Coordinator 

  • Combination of treasurer, programming, and communication
  • Oversee budget for IHI events
  • Applies for funding each fall, spring, and sometimes summer funding cycles
  • Funding avenues include GPSC, Davison Council, IHI National OpenSchool network
  • Distribute IHI newsletter to listserv
  • Organize programming events (2 oppswaps, and 1 kick-off) 
  • Food, invitations, speaker recruitment, room reservation
  • Creates monthly newsletters featuring IHI events as well as other system/university-wide opportunities for student engagement in QI or patient safety (familiarity with MailChimp helpful!)
  • Coordinate advertising of IHI events within/across Duke programs and outside community (UNC, Duke GME, etc)
  • Maintain listserv
  • Update and maintain the website (familiarity with WordPress and/or HTML helpful!)
  • Monitor the group email address for any incoming communications
  • Time Commitment: Monthly exec meetings (1 hour), Monthly newsletter creation (1-2 hours), Website maintenance/update (5 hours up front, ≤ 1 hour per month)
  • Total time commitment is about 3-4 hours per week

4. QISP Co-Chairs- 

  • Organize 25-30 QI project slots (max) 
    • Send call to mentors from list before opening application to students( would start looking for mentors in June/ July) 
    • Send call for student applications
      • Regularly communicate with nursing school recruitment coordinators to make sure projects are going smoothly
      • Send regular communication to mentors and students( defined by biweekly checkins with students) 
      • Check  QISP email once a week and respond
        • Student applications would go out after Kick-off 
  • Orchestrate the recruitment of projects for the upcoming cycle (connect with departments of Medicine, Surgery, DIHI, the Cancer Center, the Performance Services Department, etc.)
  • Undertake the application and matching process; monitor when students have met with mentors and submitted project contracts
  • Organize two “skills share” events to engage students in active/hands-on learning/application of the online modules
  • Check in with students and mentors once a semester to assess how the project is going; respond to any arising challenges with the help and support of the cabinet
  • Organize the QISP Symposium held at the end of each project cycle
  • Time Commitment: Monthly exec meetings (~1 hour), Interim committee meetings to manage: June-Aug “program set-up time” (~5-7 hr/week); Early matching + pre-start assessments (~5-7 hr/week), Check-ins & Skill Share events (2-4 hr/month; ~Oct, Feb), QISP Symposium (~4 hr/week x1 month leading up)
    • This position is one that will depend heavily on a committee and president for support in orchestrating smaller events and administrative tasks. The primary responsibility that we envision of this position is coordinating all of the tasks and activities ongoing with this program, and delegating to committee members individual planning & follow-up tasks.
  • Total time commitment- 10-15 hours per week

5. Recruitment 

  • Assist in spreading the Duke IHI Open School chapter’s message within your school and encourage attendance and membership. Represent the concerns and perspective of your respective school within IHI. Working with the Programming Chair to identify projects which could benefit from your school’s expertise/collaboration is highly encouraged.
  • Work with QISP committee chair to recruit nursing students for QISP
  • Expected Time Commitment: 2 hours per week