Summer Divinity Library Services

Hours for Intersession Week (May 3-7): Mon – Fri, 9am-4pm

Remember to Make a Reservation to visit the Divinity Library

Duke University will remain closed in the summer of 2021 to alumni, visitors, and affiliates. Student access to academic buildings will be deactivated on May 8 until re-opening for the Fall 2021 semester. Precise summer hours and schedule for the Divinity Library are TBD, but we will still fulfill Library Take-out and scanning requests and have limited onsite hours for Duke faculty, staff, and students in the summer surveillance testing pool.

Students: If you would like to use the library onsite this summer, you must be in Duke’s summer surveillance testing pool. This means continuing with your symptom monitoring and presenting yourself for a COVID test on campus every week throughout the summer. If this doesn’t sound like the level of campus access you want, remember, we are still going to be doing Library Take-out, so you will still be able to get books when you need them! If, on the other hand, you want to work on campus in the library a significant amount, email Cathy Watson ( and Katie Benjamin ( by Friday, April 30, to add your name to the summer surveillance testing pool.

Interested in working at the Divinity Library? If you are in town this summer and have a work study award, consider working at the Divinity Library! Contact Lacey Hudspeth ( for details. Student workers will also have to be part of the surveillance testing program.