Jean Kilbourne Papers, box 35

  • Ads Enter a New Dimension, Kathy Ziff, 1986, box 35, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”
  • The New Woman in the Eyes of the Media, Hilary Devries, 1984, box 35, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”
  • The New Woman is Here; How Do You Market to Her? , Tina Santi, 1979, box 35, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”


  • Working Women…The Struggle Goes On, Ann Marie Lipinski, 1971, Box 35, Marketing to Women “Working Women”  


  • Singling Out the Ideal Rather Than the Real, Linda Cecere, 1985, Box 35, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”
  • What Every Marketer Should Know About Women, Rena Bartos, 1978, Box 35, Marketing to Women The New Woman”
  • The New American Woman, Ralph Leezenbaum, 1970, Box 35, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”
  • Coping With Women’s Lib, Andrew J. Dubrin, 1971, Marketing to Women “The New Woman”




  • Cosmo Ads, Box 35

Rena Bartos Papers 1962-1998

  • A Report of a Study Conducted on The Image of Women in Advertising, Rena Bartos, Box 13, J.  Walter Thompson Reports
  • Memorandum: NARB White Paper: Advertising and Women, Rena Bartos, 1974, Box 11, 1974 Correspondence
  • The Moving Target, Rena. Bartos and Ellen Curie, Box 13, J. Walter Thompson Reports
  • The American Consumer 1970-1990: The Moving Target, Rena Bartos, 1982, Box 13, J. Walter Thompson Reports
  • Report of a Study Conducted on the Image of Women in Advertising, Rena Bartos, 1976, box 13, J.  Walter Thompson Company Publications 1976
  • Rena Bartos Photographs, 1970-1980, box 14



McCann-Erickson audiovisual collection, 1980s-1990s

  • Enjoli Perfume: I Am Woman,  box 29
  • Charlie–Revlon,  box 29
  • Barry Day Interviews,  box 29

ALFA Archives

  • The Hazards of Being a Professional Woman, Judith Janaro Fabian, 1972, Box 12, Reprinted articles and papers 


  • American Women: Their Use and Abuse, Lyn Wells, 1969, Box 13, Early Women’s Liberation


    • Equal Rights for Women, Shirley Chisolm, 1969, Box 13
    • Minority Wages Factsheet, U.S, Civil Rights Commission, 1973, Box 12, Know Inc. News 1973-1976
    • Earnings Gap Factsheet, U.S. Department of Labor and Employment Standards Administration, 1970, Box 12, Reprinted Articles and Papers
    • NOW newsletter ads1977, Box 8, NOW – Atlanta Chapter 8.19





Angela M. Jeannet Papers 


  • Special Issue: The American Woman, Time Magazine, 1972, Box 2, Publications (3)


  • Training a Woman to Know Her Place: the Social Antecedents of Women in the World of Work, Sandra Bem, 1973, Box 2, Publications (2)

J. Walter Thompson Competitive Advertisements


  • Charlie Perfume ads, Revlon, 1974, Box 11, D113 miscellaneous (1 of 2) 11.29


Books, pamphlets, magazines:

  • Ladies Home Journal, AP2 .L135, 1960
  • Advertising and Women, NARB, 1975
  • Huckster’s Women, PS3523.U23 H83 1954 c.1 
  • Charm and Poise for Getting Ahead, Ruth Tolman, 1969,  Sallie Bingham Prescriptive Literature  Collection 

Digital Collections:

  • Sally Bingham Center Digital Collections, Women’s Liberation Print Culture
  • Hartman Center Digital Collections, Ad*access