Sonia Fillipow

Class of 2020

Sonia Fillipow is a Duke University undergraduate studying public policy, visual media studies, and Chinese. Sonia loves the experience of working with physical historical artifacts in the archives. She hopes to one day get her hands on a hard copy of the Jeff Bezos Papers. Sonia is the curator of “Advertising and the ‘New Woman’.” 

Sandra Luksic

Class of 2020

Sandra Luksic is an undergraduate at Duke University studying philosophy, political science, and economics. Sandra likes to ride her bike around Durham, and she likes the smell of old books in the archives. Sandra is the curator of “Technology, Advertising, and Women.”



Julia Nasco

Class of 2022

Julia Nasco is studying Political Science, Philosophy, and Psychology at Duke University. She has a love for art history and was thankful for the opportunity to explore another branch of humanities research while working on this project. When she’s not deep in the archives, Julia can be found jamming out to the Jonas Brothers, keeping up with the Kardashians, and questioning the universe. Julia is the curator of “Reproductive Rights v. Pressure of Motherhood.” 

Meggan Farish Cashwell, PhD

Project Mentor

Meggan Farish Cashwell recently finished her history PhD at Duke. She has a passion for making special collections accessible through archival processing and digital storytelling initiatives. She loved leading the team and showing them the ropes around the Rubenstein Library. When she’s not juggling multiple public history initiatives, Meggan enjoys sipping tea and listening to her (always growing) vinyl collection. 


Special Thanks

Project Sponsors
Laura Micham
Joshua Larkin Rowley

Additional Assistance
Kate Collins
Will Shaw
Jean Kilbourne, PhD
Caroline Bien
Emily Westkaemper, PhD