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Digital Scholarship Services Digital Brown Bags

Join Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services two Digital Brown Bags in September:

Why We All Could Use a Little OpenRefine (Five Reasons from a Humanities Scholar)
12:00-1:00 PM, September 4
Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

Many of us have messy research data that need some organization and analysis but that do not necessarily justify committing to advanced relational database solutions. OpenRefine is an amazing tool that can help fill that gap – enabling insight into data without requiring a lot of extra work (and even saving time and effort in the process). In this Digital Brown Bag talk, Classical Studies doctoral candidate Adrian Linden-High offers five reasons for choosing OpenRefine, using examples from his own research to illustrate its value.

Teaching with WordPress and Knight Lab
12:00-1:00 PM, September 18
Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

WordPress is more than a website builder: utilized as a content management system, it provides rich pedagogical opportunities. In this Digital Brown Bag, we will explore some of the teaching applications of WordPress in conjunction with Knight Lab’s Timeline and StoryMap. Using a sample classroom project from the Spring 2019 Duke undergraduate course “Victorian Fiction and Novel Theory,” we will discuss the process of designing a WordPress project: considering learning objectives and goals; conceiving the project; formulating the relationship between the project and the rest of the course content; choosing a platform and learning technological skills; writing assignments; training students on software; troubleshooting and revising during the course of the project; and assessing student work. Additionally, we will discuss reported student and instructor experiences of conducting such a project. This session is led by Emma Davenport (Ph.D. candidate, English).

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