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Happy Holidays from Duke OIT!

Decorated 3D printers.

3D print a sea turtle

We overheard many oohs and ahhs during Construct3D, a recent 3D printing & digital fabrication conference held at Duke. Many of those sounds were as a result of this adorable poseable loggerhead sea turtle. Want a turtle of your very own? Download the files from Thingiverse:


Thanks to Michael Coronado, Lulzbot for sharing!

photo credit: Michael Coronado (Lulzbot)

Leave the 3D Printing to the IT Experts

OIT’s “Bluesmith” will configure and print 3D projects for a fee. Read the full story on Duke Today: https://today.duke.edu/2017/04/leave-3d-printing-it-experts.

Student with 3D Printed objects.

Learn to 3D Print at Duke with a New Online Mini-Course

Students, faculty and staff can now learn how to use 3D printers at Duke by taking a short online course, 3D Printing at Duke. For full details, go here: https://online.duke.edu/learn-to-3d-print-with-a-new-online-course-for-duke-students-and-staff/

Chip Bobbert demonstrates basic 3D printer maintenance in the online mini-course, “3D Printing at Duke.”
Chip Bobbert demonstrates basic 3D printer maintenance in the online mini-course, “3D Printing at Duke.”

The Future of 3D in Medicine

Learn more about the amazing work being done in medical physics using 3D printing:  http://sites.duke.edu/dukeresearch/2016/03/23/the-future-of-3d-printing-in-medicine/

Free Site Lets You Download and 3-D Print Fossils

Virtual museum brings thousands of digital specimens to your desktop, in 3-D. Read the full article on Duke Today: http://today.duke.edu/2016/02/virtualfossils.

Learn IT @ Lunch Followup Resources – 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication

Miss yesterday’s Learn IT @ Lunch session “3D Printing & Digital Fabrication”?Watch the online recording.  Note: You may be prompted to update your MS Silverlight Plug-in to be able to view the recording. Session Slides are available in PDF format.


3D Print Elapsed Time Videos on OIT’s Twitter Page

Follow the @DukeOIT Twitter page to see elapsed time videos of cool things being created in the Innovation Studio.

3D models enhance surgical strategies

Medical imaging has become more personalized with 3D printing.  Watch this WRAL video to see Chip Bobbert (OIT Digital Media Engineer at Duke’s Innovation Studio) talk about 3D printing at Duke.   For more information about the Innovation Studio, visit: https://oit.duke.edu/comp-print/labs/istudio

Reshaping Research Capabilities on Campus

Students and employees looking for new ways to approach research or other projects can use a variety of unique resources like 3D printers at the Innovation Studio. Read more in this DukeToday article.

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