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Digital Scholarship Services Digital Brown Bags

Join Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services two Digital Brown Bags in September:

Why We All Could Use a Little OpenRefine (Five Reasons from a Humanities Scholar)
12:00-1:00 PM, September 4
Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

Many of us have messy research data that need some organization and analysis but that do not necessarily justify committing to advanced relational database solutions. OpenRefine is an amazing tool that can help fill that gap – enabling insight into data without requiring a lot of extra work (and even saving time and effort in the process). In this Digital Brown Bag talk, Classical Studies doctoral candidate Adrian Linden-High offers five reasons for choosing OpenRefine, using examples from his own research to illustrate its value.

Teaching with WordPress and Knight Lab
12:00-1:00 PM, September 18
Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

WordPress is more than a website builder: utilized as a content management system, it provides rich pedagogical opportunities. In this Digital Brown Bag, we will explore some of the teaching applications of WordPress in conjunction with Knight Lab’s Timeline and StoryMap. Using a sample classroom project from the Spring 2019 Duke undergraduate course “Victorian Fiction and Novel Theory,” we will discuss the process of designing a WordPress project: considering learning objectives and goals; conceiving the project; formulating the relationship between the project and the rest of the course content; choosing a platform and learning technological skills; writing assignments; training students on software; troubleshooting and revising during the course of the project; and assessing student work. Additionally, we will discuss reported student and instructor experiences of conducting such a project. This session is led by Emma Davenport (Ph.D. candidate, English).

Digital Scholarship Services Digital Brown Bags

Join Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services for the final two Digital Brown Bags of the semester:

Sowers & Reapers: DH Pedagogy in the Classroom
April 4 (Thu) 12:00–1:00 PM
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

The Bass Connections’ class Sowers and Reapers provided an opportunity for undergraduate students to document the relationship between gardening, human rights, and displacement in Durham, NC, using digital pedagogies. The class features a publicly accessible website that features students’ research on two historic garden clubs and one community garden in Durham and a collaborative Instagram account that shows how students engaged with the class themes while developing their research projects. Join Giulia Ricco (Romance Studies) and Robin Kirk (Cultural Anthropology) to discuss their strategies for including digital humanities pedagogy in the classroom.

Incorporating Digital Final Projects into Undergraduate Courses
April 18 (Thu) 12:00–1:00 PM
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

Sasha Panaram is a Ph.D. Candidate in English also pursuing certificates in African & African American Studies, Women’s Studies, and College Teaching at Duke University. She is currently teaching an English course entitled “Treasure(d) Maps: Writing the American South,” which is affiliated with the Representing Migration Humanities Lab and sponsored by the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Instructorship Fellowship. During her Digital Brown Bag presentation she will discuss the origins of the course, how teaching with maps can prompt different engagements with literary texts, and the challenges and successes of incorporating digital final projects into the class, especially as it concerns developing assignment guidelines and accompanying rubrics.

Digital Scholarship Services Munch & Mull

Join Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services for their Munch & Mull session. Munch & Mull is a Libraries-based discussion group that holds informal, brown-bag lunch conversations about issues, projects, methods, and trends in digital scholarship + academic libraries. We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the Murthy Digital Studio (The Edge, Bostock Library 121).  All are welcome!

For more details, visit: https://library.duke.edu/digital.

Reflecting on the Libraries’ Graduate Student Instruction Program
March 14 (Thu) 12:00–1:00 PM
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

Greta Boers, Heidi Madden, Liz Milewicz, and Will Shaw lead a discussion of their forthcoming book chapter in Academic Library Services for Graduate Students: Supporting Future Academics and Professionals (2020, Libraries Unlimited). Reporting on the work of the Libraries’ Graduate Student Instruction Program (GSIP), the chapter offers a case study in providing relevant research instruction for graduate students as well as in managing change.

Educause/New Media Consortium Horizon Report 
March 28 (Thu) 12:00–1:00 PM
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

Sophia Stone, joined by students from her Digital Pedagogy course, leads a discussion of the 2018 Educause / New Media Consortium Horizon Report.  The report (https://library.educause.edu/resources/2018/8/2018-nmc-horizon-report) outlines many trends and developments germane to academic libraries, such as teaching digital literacies, publishing open educational resources (OERs), and supporting interdisciplinary scholarship.

Digital Scholarship Services Digital Brown Bags

Join Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services for Digital Brown Bags on Digital Scholarship, Thursday’s noon – 1:00 p.m. For more details visit: https://library.duke.edu/digital.

Community-Based Learning and the Potential of Digital Humanities: A Learning Innovation Bass Fellows Project
March 7 (Thu) noon – 1:00 p.m.
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

Duke Learning Innovation engages Duke PhD students in fellowship programs to advance their professional development in digital teaching and learning design (also see Bass Digital Education Fellowship Program). Join us for a conversation with Sophia Stone and Giulia Ricco who share a digital project completed as part of Giulia’s Bass Instructional Fellowship. Giulia’s project explores community-based learning and the potential of digital humanities, and integrates teaching, research, and service in a holistic way that is unique to digital scholarship. We discuss the project’s learning design, digital platform, tools, and value to humanistic research, and share the benefits of incorporating digital assignments to impact student learning.

Digital Musicology: Composing a Research Guide
March 21 (Thu) noon – 1:00 p.m.
The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)
Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.

When established disciplines incorporate digital practices into their methodologies, the limits of a field expand. Join Laura Williams (Head, Music Library) and Liz Crisenbery (PhD Candidate, Musicology) to discuss the burgeoning field of digital musicology. We will explore the current terrain, extant projects, and resources available at Duke to those interested in learning more or creating their own project.

2019 Digital Scholarship Open House

2019 Digital Scholarship Open House
Thursday, February 21, 12:00-1:00 PM
The Edge Workshop Room (Bostock Library 127)
Lunch provided – please register for planning purposes: https://duke.libcal.com/event/5126069

At its annual open house Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services department showcases some of its work over the past year. This year’s slate of speakers and projects offers a view into the lifecycle of digital scholarship – from organizing files and creating digital workflows for underlying research, to engaging audiences for the resulting scholarship – and the often highly collaborative nature of that work. Whether you are looking to learn more about digital humanities or want to start your own project, join us for lunch and conversation with this cross-disciplinary and cross-professional panel as they discuss the motivations behind their projects, the people and work involved in realizing it, and the insights and skills gained along the way.

Sponsored by Digital Scholarship Services, with special thanks to our co-sponsors, The Graduate School and the Department of History, for supporting the participation of Christina Davidson, 2017 PhD graduate of Duke.

For more information about this and other DSS events, check out our website at library.duke.edu/digital and subscribe to our announcement list.

Digital Brown Bag – Project Vox: Realizing a DH Project

Join Digital Scholarship Services for this upcoming Brown Bag:

Project Vox: Realizing a DH Project

February 7 (Thu) 12:00–1:00 PM

The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

Project Vox concerns an important, relatively recent, scholarly development in philosophy: the acknowledgement that a number of early modern women have been unjustly ignored in our narratives of the history of philosophy. From Mary Astell, Lady Masham, Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway in England to Émilie Du Châtelet in France, many women played significant roles in the development of modern philosophy, but their contributions have often gone unnoticed. Co-directors, Andrew Janiak (Professor, Philosophy) and Liz Milewicz (Head, Digital Scholarship Services), will discuss the early stages of Project Vox and how an idea developed into a project with 15+ team members.

Limited seating – register to hold a seat or be added to the waiting list.


Digital Brown Bag Series @ The Murthy Digital Studio

Check out this new digital brown lunchtime series hosted by Duke University Libraries Digital Scholarship Services.

What: Lunchtime conversations with students, faculty, and staff at Duke and in the Triangle about their digital projects and other experiences in digital scholarship, with an emphasis on digital humanities. Project talks will focus on the questions and processes driving their digital projects; the challenges involved; the value of this work to their scholarship and field; and/or what they’ve learned in the process. We’ll also discuss tools, issues, and opportunities in digital scholarship and ways to get involved as well as training opportunities. Informal, with short presentation at the start to lay groundwork for open conversation. Bring your lunch; drinks and light snacks will be provided.

When: 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 12:00-1:00, fall & spring semesters.

Where: Murthy Digital Studio (Bostock Library 121)

Fall 2018 Brown Bag Lunch Series Schedule (PDF)

Open Events at The Edge

Open Access, Scholarship, Data, Software, and Publishing


Transformations in digital tools and online services expand opportunities for collaborative research, scholarly publishing, and reaching a broader audience.  As part of these changes, The Edge is hosting a series of events in the 2016-2017 school year focused on the theme of “Open.”  With presentations, workshops, and project teams focused on open access, data, publishing, research, scholarship, science, and software, the libraries offer an opportunity for the Duke community to discuss, learn, reflect, and engage in a changing scholarly landscape that promises to expand the traditional boundaries of academia.

For a list of upcoming events or submit an idea, go here: http://library.duke.edu/edge/themes/open.

Edge Lightning Talks: Creativity + Research

You’ve seen their projects around campus–come find out what these students are working on! Join us in The Edge for a series of lightning talks given by undergraduate students using the Innovation Co-Lab or The Edge to power their work.

What: Research + creativity on display, coffee and dessert
Where: The Edge Workshop Room (Bostock Library 127)
When: April 11, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.


Learn IT @ Lunch Followup Resources – 7 Habits

Miss yesterday’s Learn IT @ Lunch session “7 Habits of Highly Productive People at Duke?” Watch the session recording. Note: You may be prompted to update your MS Silverlight to view the recording.  Session Slides including resources are available (PDF).

Our panelists: Matt Royal (OIT), Debrah Suggs (OIT), Emily Daly (Duke Libraries) and John Shelton (Fuqua)


A great Q&A session
A great Q&A session!