About the Bio_EA Service Desk

The Biology_EA IT Service Desk was created to give users access to a live support technician for resolution of emergency issues, answers to quick questions, to request and check out loaner equipment, or request poster printing services.

  • Duke Systems Status: For information on Duke IT systems status click here. 
  • Please use our ticketing system – We request that everyone use our ticketing system because requests emailed directly to service desk staff may be delayed or lost.
    Contact us by:

    Doing any one of the above will ensure a much faster response and guarantee your request is not lost.

Classroom Audio/Video Support Services:

Classroom Support is responsible for providing assistance to the classrooms in Biological Sciences and the French Family Science Center.

Contact Classroom Support:
Phone: 660-3088
Location: BioSci Room 068 (see Kei George)