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Biology / EA IT Loaner Equipment

CoVID-19 Note: During these unprecedented circumstances, the Biology/Evanth IT Departments have pooled their loaner inventory into a larger pool with other Trinity Technology Services Departments. We will still be able to take loaner requests, however, our inventory has shifted dramatically. We still have the non-laptop loaners available in the Biology Service Desk.

All members of the Biology/EA Departments can request the use of loaner equipment, if available, from the Biology/EA IT Service desk.

Requests are to be submitted by either e-mail: tts-sciencehelp@duke.edu or by submitting a request here: http://biology.duke.edu/about-us/departmental-it/request-it-help.

Loaner equipment, available

The Biology/EA IT service desk has purchased the following equipment available to the department for short term loan:

  • 1- USB HD Video Camera
  • 2- Bluetooth Speakerphones (For use with computers, smartphones, Skype or similar software)
  • 3- HD Projectors
  • 1- Nikon D7200 DSLR w/ external flash, 2 lenses, additional battery, and memory
  • 10- Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier w/Wired microphone headsets (the headsets will be given out for the entire semester just the bases are loaned out for the duration of the on-campus class)

*The Nikon camera request must be submitted and picked up by the PI if it is to be used by graduate students or postdocs in their lab, with the understanding that the PI is assuming financial responsibility should something happen and it is their responsibility to ensure the return of the camera and accessories.

We have purchased an inventory of the following equipment available for loan for the semester in support of remote teaching: 

  • USB HD Webcam w/built-in microphone
  • USB Lavalier Microphones
  • Huion Tablets for use w/Zoom whiteboard integration (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible)
  • DinoFire Wireless Presenter Remotes (for use with Powerpoint/Keynote)