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General Guidelines

Many of the individual academic departments included under the larger umbrella of the Science Drive Service Desk offer unique printing services. For additional information as to what is supported at a departmental level, please see the department specific printing pages. This is intended as an overview of the services offered and a quick-help guide for anyone seeking assistance with printing.

Choose Before You Print: 

  • Choose to Conserve Paper: Did you know that more than half of the pages printed today are never even used? Every time we print, there are financial and environmental impacts associated with it. Could this document have been an email? Or, is there a tool on your computer that you could have used to mark up the document in question?
  • Choose Color Wisely: Did you select the correct printer for the job? Using a color printer with color ink for black & white prints wastes a significant amount of color ink. Color ink comes in smaller, more expensive cartridges, and costs significantly more per print.
  • Choose to Copy: Are you printing multiple copies of something when you could be printing one and then using a copier? Duke provides copiers in many high-traffic areas, and the cost to copy something is a fraction of the cost to print multiple copies on a standard laser printer.
  • Choose Confidentiality: Did you print something with sensitive or confidential information on it? If so, make sure you collect all copies from the printer once your print job is complete. Additionally, be mindful of the ways that you dispose of the paper once done.

Printing Issues?

Email tts-sciencehelp@duke.edu A ticket will be generated and one of us will be glad to assist. Different academic departments provide different levels of support for different printing applications. See department specific pages for additional details.

Printing Services


Many printers on campus use the Duke OIT ePrint system. ePrint printers are identified by the fact that they are standard laser printers with card-readers attached.

Note: You must be on DukeBlue, DukeOpen, or plugged into an ethernet wall-port on-campus to use ePrint.

Copy Machines

Copy machines on-campus are, for the most part, serviced by third party vendors and are dispersed throughout higher-traffic office and administrative areas all throughout the Science Drive area. They are typically supported by third party vendors and there will usually be a name-plate with contact information on them. They are easily identifiable because they are the larger Xerox-style full-function copy machines. To use them, you will need to get with your departmental leadership to obtain a copy card.

Poster Printing / Large Jobs

For large print jobs, including mass mailers, posters, etc.,we recommend: