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Duke’s WordPress service provides an easy way for Duke faculty, staff and students to set up a website or blog using predefined design templates (themes) and plugins that users can choose to enable within their sites as they see fit. There is no charge to users.

  • Duke WordPress offers a robust set of easy-to-use tools, including Duke-related themes and a Duke URL. Any Duke student, faculty or staff member with a NetID can use Duke WordPress to create websites using the popular web-publishing platform.

What can you build on Duke WordPress?

    • Class websites
    • e-portfolios
    • Individual or group blogs
    • Audio, video and multimedia curation sites
    • Project or group websites

To learn more about Sites@Duke visit here: https://sites.duke.edu/about/

OIT VMware OS System Administration-Scope of services

OIT-Systems Infrastructure supports the day-to-day operations of the server and OS through the maintenance and support of the operating system (OS) and OS related components.  There are 2 levels of OS System Administration offered:
  • 8-5 (Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM) – This offering is intended for services and applications that are not expected to be supported outside of regular business hours.  Typically, these VMs are for tolerant services and/or test/dev VMs. 
  • 24/7 – This offering is intended for production services and applications that are expected to be supported 24/7.  Outside of business hours, staff will be paged as required to resolve emergency issues

OIT-SI Sys Admin responsibilities:

      • Define/Design/Provision the VM 
      • Install Operating System and any OS related options or services 
      • Maintain Current security patch levels
      • Configure and maintain TSM backups (nightly unless otherwise agreed to with VM Owner)
      • Monitor health of systems 
      • Provide responses to production level issues during defined support hours (24/7 or 8/5)
      • Provide 8/5 responses to test/development issues, upgrades, and/or configuration changes
      • Document all Server OS related changes
      • Maintain a strong working relationship with the Service/Application prime

Virtual Computing options provided by Duke OIT

VCM (Virtual Computer Manager)

  • Virtual Computing Manager is a service providing the Duke community with easy access to virtual software packages and semester-long virtual machine (VM) reservations. Access specialized software without installing it on your own computer, host your own server for development projects and coursework, or customize your own environment to use for the semester.
  • To learn more go here: https://vcm.duke.edu

Duke Research Toolkits

  • Faculty researchers have access to Research Toolkits, a service that gives self-service on-demand access to short-term Virtual Machine (VM) environments and scratch storage free of charge. Research Toolkits also allows faculty to define roles and projects – this allows per-project management of access to IT resources. The long-term goal of this project is to expand the service beyond VMs and storage to encompass data sets and other services.
  • https://rtoolkits.web.duke.edu
  • To learn more go here: https://rtoolkits.web.duke.edu/home/learn_more