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Biology Department Printing Information

Departmental Printing 

CoVID-19 Update:
WEPA has released the WEPA Express App, allowing for touchless printing!
See https://support.wepanow.com/express/ for additional details!

ALL of the ePrinters in Biology have been replaced with WEPA print stations. These new printers allow us to do the following:

  • Control who has access to our printing budget (previously we could not block people from other departments from accessing and using our e-print stations)
  • Reduce the departmental cost and waste by setting printing quotas per user thus encouraging everyone to print less and use the copiers for when it is necessary to have multiple copies.  You can make 8 copies for the same price as printing one sheet.
  • Expand our green initiative using PrintReleaf (https://support.wepanow.com/sustainability/) a Global Reforestation Project
  • Enable the sharing of printers between departments thereby freeing up resources for other IT initiatives.
  • Reduce printer downtimes due to hardware failures (WEPA provides service within 24 hours for any repairs needed)
  • Enhance printing services, WEPA supports MAC, WINDOWS and LINUX Operating systems
    • allows us to print from anywhere, anytime using any device
    • supports printing directly from web browsers (just log in via https://www.wepanow.com) Dropbox, USB, etc

To install these new printers please connect to the shared folder on Dropbox located here: Biology_EA Shared Folder/WEPA Printing instructions

  1. Follow the instruction for the Duke ID card integration (this only has to be followed the first time you configure your Duke Card- you will need your Duke Card and if you have Dual authentication turned on you will need your phone and or temporary codes)
  2. Follow the instructions for installation of WEPA printers on your computer

The Biology and Evolutionary departments support 8 WEPA Print stations located throughout the Biology and French Family Science center.

How to with WEPA

WEPA Scanning: https://support.wepanow.com/scanners/

WEPA Printing- https://www.wepanow.com/user-guide/

1- E-mail to print: https://support.wepanow.com/email-to-print/

2- Web Upload: https://support.wepanow.com/web-uploads-on-wepanow-com/

3- Mobile printing: https://support.wepanow.com/new-wepa-mobile-apps-android-ios/

BuildingType of PrinterLocation
Bio-Sci Room 0038Color and Black and WhiteSub-Basement
Bio-Sci Room 138Black and WhiteBio-Sci Copy Room
Bio-Sci Room 138Color and Black and WhiteBio-Sci Copy Room
Bio-Sci 325Black and White3rd Floor Break Room
French Family Science Center 3106Black and WhiteInside Office Suite
French Family Science Center 3316Black and WhiteInside Office Suite
French Family Science Center 4220Color and Black and WhiteInside Office Suite

Lab/Personal Printers

  • The Biology/EA IT Team will configure and setup Lab/Personal printers to connect to the Biology wired network, no other support will be provided for Lab and Personal printers by the Biology/EA IT Team.

Poster Printing

  • The Bio_EA Service no longer provides poster printing services for department members.  Please see below for alternatives.

Alternative Poster Printing Solutions

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