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Presenter Tips and JC Links

Appraising the Article: Presenters should approach an article systematically and should present using the following format for a presentation of about 10 minutes (leaving five minutes for discussion) reviewing:

1)   Background – How does this paper address a clinical need or question?

2)  Research Question – What are the authors asking? Did they state this clearly?

3)   Study Design – What type of study is this (and what are the key elements of study design needed for that type of study)?

4)   Results – What do the data tell us?

5)   Limitations – What could have been done better, or how should we interpret the results?

6)   Take home points – How this will change practice (or not)?


There is no need to discuss every result of the paper – cover the highlights and help us to interpret the key results.

Tools for Evidence Based Medicine: Several websites offer tools for critical appraisal of the evidence:

1)   Duke University Medical Center Library:


2)   JAMA evidence: http://www.jamaevidence.com/

3)   BMJ How to read a paper (links from Duke EBM website): http://guides.mclibrary.duke.edu/content.php?pid=274373&sid=2262324


Communication within the Division: Our goal is to create a central mode of communication through this blog for our fellows and faculty to share information from the medical literature. The goal will be to have journal club leaders and section editors provide annotated links to helpful information and recent relevant articles. A core curriculum of guidelines will also be listed as content. A blog format will allow easy web-based access, and categorization of entries based upon content to allow for a centralized search reference (with links to Pubmed) for our GI Division.


Journal Links:

Please do not feel limited to this list.



Please do remember to send me (a week before your JC date):

Title of article
Type of Paper (diagnosis, prognosis, therapy)
Key statistical test you intend to discuss
Attachment with PDF of paper


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