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GI Journal Club – September 20th, 2021

Article 1:

The Optimal Age to Stop Endoscopic Surveillance of Patients With Barrett’s Esophagus Based on Sex and Comorbidity: A Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Omidvari et al.
Gastroenterology 2021;161:487–494

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1053/j.gastro.2021.05.003
PDF: Article

Summary: Current guidelines recommend surveillance for patients with nondysplastic Barrett’s esophagus (NDBE) but do not include a recommended age for discontinuing surveillance. This study aimed to determine the optimal age for last surveillance of NDBE patients stratified by sex and level of comorbidity.  Comparative modeling analysis illustrates the importance of considering comorbidity status and sex when deciding on the age to discontinue surveillance in patients with NDBE

Presenter: Anthony Horton

Article 2:

Benchmarking Adenoma Detection Rates for Colonoscopy: Results From a US-Based Registry
Shaukat et al.
The American Journal of Gastroenterology: September 2021 – Volume 116 – Issue 9 – p 1946-1949

DOI: https://doi.org10.14309/ajg.0000000000001358
PDF: Article

Summary: Adenoma detection rate (ADR) is highly variable across practices, and national or population-based estimates are not available. Our aim was to study the ADR, variability of rates over time, and factors associated with detection rates of ADR in a national sample of patients undergoing colonoscopy. The average ADR from a large national US sample standardized to the US population is 39.05% and has increased over time.

Presenter: Claire Dorsey

COVID-Themed GI Journal Club – April 30, 2020

Please join us for the next GI Journal Club.  This edition will focus on GI-issues related to the COVID Pandemic.  We will have Chris Hostler, MD from infectious disease,  join us as a visiting preceptor to contribute to this discussion:

Brendon O’Connell, MD, will present the following articles:

Effect of single- versus double-gloving on virus transfer to health care workers’skin and clothing during removal of personal protective equipment
American Journal of Infection Control 40 (2012) 369-74

Virus Transfer from Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Employees’ Skin and  Clothing
Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol. 14, No. 8, August 2008

Kara Wegermann, MD will present the following article:

COVID-19: Abnormal liver function tests
Journal of Hepatology 2020 vol. – j 1–9


Additional Related Articles of Interest:

Digestive Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients With Mild Disease Severity: Clinical Presentation, Stool Viral RNA Testing, and Outcomes
Am J Gastroenterol 2020;00:1–8

Aerosol Generating Procedures and Risk of Transmission of Acute Respiratory Infections  to Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review
PLoS ONE 7(4): e35797. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0035797

Prolonged presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in faecal samples
Lancet, Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2020, Pages 434-435

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