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Data Visualization Fellowship Collaboration Between Duke Libraries and the Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science

To support data visualization expertise at Duke, the Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS) and Duke Libraries’ Data and Visualization Services (DVS) are jointly sponsoring a data visualization training and service opportunity for PhD students. MIDS and DVS will train selected students in data visualization skills and theory, and will prepare the students to be effective data visualization consultants. Once sufficiently trained, eligible PhD students will:

  • provide data visualization consultations for the Libraries’ Data and Visualization Services in the Fall 2019 semester
  • serve as teaching assistants in the MIDS data visualization course in the Spring 2020 semester
  • provide data visualization consultations for MIDS Capstone projects in the Spring 2020 semester

Following successful completion of the training, students will be compensated for the time they spend consulting or serving as a TA using hourly rates approved by their home department or, if this is consistent with their and their department’s needs, through a TA-ship. In addition, MIDS will:

  • fund travel to one data visualization conference
  • provide additional funding for travel to one data visualization conference per additional year served as a TA/consultant (i.e., the first additional such funding will become available to the student after spring semester, 2020)

The training curriculum will focus on core visualization tools in use at Duke such as Tableau, R, and Python, but the training team will support students who are interested in learning other tools and methodologies as well. We will give preference to training students who have a specific data visualization project they are motivated to complete, ideally related to their graduate/dissertation work, but all current PhD students are eligible.

To apply, please send your CV to Alexandra Cooper (cooper@duke.edu). In addition, please send a cover letter describing why you want to train in data visualization, what kind of data visualization experience you currently have, and the depth of your data analysis, modeling, and wrangling skills. Applications are due by March 1st, but will be considered on a rolling basis. Please send questions to Joel Herndon (joel.herndon@duke.edu) or Jana Schaich-Borg (jana.schaich.borg@duke.edu).

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