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Duke to host Construct3D 2017 Conference – Proposals being accepted



May 5 – 7, 2017

Duke University
Durham, NC
Cost: $299 (early bird $249 by Feb. 3)
The first national conference on 3D printing for college faculty,
K-12 educators, and informal education leaders.
Join us to explore ways to foster student engagement, support research, and improve understanding using 21st century technology.
Registration opens soon.
For more information, visit sites.duke.edu/construct3d
Call for Proposals
Due February 3, 2017
Seeking submissions for talks, workshops, demos, panel discussions
 and academic papers that focus on topics related to how 3D printing digital fabrication impacts teaching and learning. Key areas of interest include:
  • Experiences using 3D printing alone or with other types of digital fabrication in K-12, higher education, or informal settings.
  • Original research using 3D printing to enhance learning outcomes.
  • New methods for 3D printing and digital fabrication tested in educational contexts or used to support academic research.
  • Theoretical or educational concerns relating to 3D printing and digital fabrication.
  •  Innovative ideas in research and education regarding 3D printing and digital fabrication.

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