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Discounted training & free online resources available through Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge Training Center in Cary, NC

Discounted Training

Through OIT’s Training Program, Duke employees can receive special discounted pricing on training from Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in IT and business skills training. Visit: Duke’s Global Knowledge Web portal to see upcoming courses and to register online. (Complete details about Duke’s discount is available here: http://oit.duke.edu/comp-print/training/itpro)

Online Resources

Global Knowledge also offers free online resources for IT professional on their website. Some highlights include:

  • Webinars – Watch for live webinars each month on the latest industry trends covering existing and emerging product technologies. You may also select from our extensive library of popular on-demand webinar topics, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Videos – Global Knowledge subject matter experts discussing a range of topics, including product tips and tricks, preparing for certification exams, and how to get the most from your training experience.
  • White Papers – Get the latest information on the hottest IT and business topics directly from our expert instructors and training partners.


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