2021 participants (program held online):

“My four favorite things about SWiM were the set up that allowed us to have time to digest the lectures and then ask questions. Another favorite aspect for me was the specific age group, the fact that all of us were the same age and going through the college application process all at the same time was very comforting and was helpful when questions were being asked. Obviously, the lectures were my other favorite parts, it was valuable for me to learn about these very complex topics even if they were simplified because it was inspiring to know where math can take you. And finally, the talks of course were incredible.”

“During my too-short week at SWiM 2021, I’ve learned more than I thought possible, diving into the complex and intriguing courses of Coding Theory and Squeezing Shapes, meeting so many inspirational women like my fellow participants, the staff, and the guest speakers, and experiencing for myself how to embrace the delightful struggle that mathematics brings.“

“There are so many women passionate about mathematics, and I am not alone, and I don’t need to worry about being the “different” one if I followed my passion and pursue a math major! : ) Thank you all so much!”

“SWiM really broadened my scope. I never knew there were so many careers in math and so many real-life applications (pharmacy, art, data science, etc..). It changed my views on the limits of mathematics and now I will be looking into possible math majors and careers paths. Hearing from the math undergraduate and graduate students showed me the different options for studying math and how there are so many majors or math fields that I had no idea existed.”

“SWiM has allowed me to understand the world of mathematics on such a higher level, and has really helped me to solidify my dreams of pursuing mathematics in the future!”

More from our past participants:

“I greatly enjoyed my time here at SWiM and I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to meet amazing people and learn amazing things!”

“SWiM is an awesome program, and I hope it continues for many years to come! I made great friends and I feel much more confident in math than I did before! Thanks to everyone who made this possible.”

“I’m really gonna miss this program. Wish it could’ve been longer…
TA’s were amazing!!!”

Thank you
I had a lot of fun at this camp and learned so much! I hope this camp continues so it can inspire other girls like me!”

“I’m very glad that I went to this program, and it definitely helped me to know what my interests are and what studies I want to pursue in the college. Thank you for everything and the past ten days experience is awesome and memorable!”

Drawing saying "Thank you! 2018 SWiM"