About SWiM

The SWiM program will not be offered in 2024 is not yet confirmed. 

Duke Math has been fortunate in being able to offer the SWIM program for rising high school seniors from 2016 to 2023. We’ve been thrilled to bring students together to learn math and support each other on their mathematical journey.  Many thanks to those who enjoyed being part of this workshop and those who came – it was a wonderful time! We hope past participants will continue to remain in touch with us and each other.

We apologize to high school students who had hoped to participate this year — even a few months ago we didn’t yet know that due to changed circumstances it would not be possible for us to continue SWIM.

About SWiM

Summer Workshop in Math (SWiM)

Summer Workshop in Math (SWiM) is a free week-long workshop at Duke University for rising high school seniors who are interested in mathematics. SWiM is especially interested in including students who are underrepresented in math.

SWiM participants will have two math courses, afternoon group work, panel discussions and social activities, including nearby field trips. Participants in the program will be learning about exciting mathematics, discovering new arguments, and explaining insights to their peers.

Throughout the workshop students will interact with undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty of the Department of Mathematics at Duke University, and stay in (chaperoned) on-campus housing.  All travel, activities and meals are fully funded.

SWiM runs mid-June; applications are available via the SWiM website in January/February.

Our past participants have shared their experiences with us on our Testimonials page.

Summer Workshop in Math was launched in 2016 by the Department of Math at Duke University.

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Professor Ingrid Daubechies

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Professor Dorothy Buck

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