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Andreas Braun: Lectures

March 15, 2023
TITLE: Geometrizing Domain Walls in 5D SCFTs

ABSTRACT: Five-dimensional SCFTS can be geometrically engineered via canonical singlarities of Calabi-Yau threefolds. These theories admit domain wall solutions preserving 4D N=1 supersymmetry. In this talk I will present several detailed examples in which these domain wall solutions can be described purely in terms of geometry. This gives rise to some known and some new (conjectural) singular G2 geometries.

October 26, 2020
TITLE: Higgs Bundles & Exceptional Holonomy

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April 9, 2019
TITLE: Spin7 Connected Sums and String Theory Dualities


January 10, 2019
TITLE: Exceptional Holonomy, String Duality and Vector Bundles

ABSTRACT: Physics implies that the same data which specify a Calabi-Yau manifold together with a suitable holomorphic vector bundle can equally be used to specify a G_2 manifold. After reviewing the ideas which lead to this connection, detailing some of its aspects and giving detailed examples, I will explains that a similar relationship exists for G_2 manifolds with suitable vector bundles and Spin(7) manifolds. This can e.g. be used to construct G_2 instantons.

September 14, 2017
TITLE: Mirror Symmetry for G2 manifolds

ABSTRACT: String theories on different G_2 manifolds can lead to the same physics in a phenomenon called mirror symmetry. In this talk, I will review mirror symmetry for G_2 manifolds, focusing on recent progress. In particular, I will present constructions of mirror G_2 manifolds realized as twisted connected sums.

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June 6, 2017
TITLE: Mirror Symmetry for G2 manifolds (see arXiv:1701.05202)

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