Quantifying Gerrymandering : Data+ 2016

The evolution of the project continued with this second Data+ group. Because of our interaction and collaboration with the  Beyond Gerrymandering project, we again concentrated on North Carolina.

A new code base in Java was written. The version was tested carefully for reliability and correctness to a level beyond what had been done before.

Because of its increased efficiency longer runs could now be used.

Quantifying Gerrymandering : Data+ 2015

The webpage found here summarizes the work of the Data+ team during the summer of 2015. The work built on the previous summers work described in Redistricting and the Will of the People.

For the first time in the work the county splitting and not conforming to the VRA were penalized in the score function used to construct the measure. A number of different states were considered in this work.

For this iteration of the project, a new code base was written in Julia. Unfortunately some unidentifiable memory leaks (maybe in the language itself) limited the length of the runs posible.

Some middle bugs in this version of the code were corrected in the next version of the project initiated in the Data+ 2016 project. That work is the basis for Redistricting : Drawing line .