Undergraduate Research

PRUV: The entire Quantifying Gerrymandering Project grew out of an undergraduate  senior theses which began in the PRUV undergraduate research program in the Duke Mathematics Department.

DATA +:  The PRUV project then let so a secession of Data+ teams during the summers 2015, 2016 and 2018.

The Data+ teams have been crucial to the development of the project. Much of the original code and basic visualizations were developed as part of these undergraduate projects.

More information can be found in the individual posts:

BASS Connections: The Data+ summer projects then lead to a year long research class sponsored by Bass Connections entitled Gerrymandering and the Extent of Democracy in America.  These students worked in several independent research teams on various questions surrounding gerrymandering.

  • One group worked on understanding how the boundaries of gerrymandered districts separate voting patterns.
  • Another group wrote a senior thesis that used stratified sampling to explore the space of redistricting plans.

For additional information, see here.

Public Policy Capstone Thesis: Onuoha Odim explored racial segregation in Dallas, TX and how the demographics of neighborhoods affect voting patterns.  His undergraduate honors thesis may be accessed here.