This  is a basic timeline of the Quantifying Gerrymandering  from its early days as an undergraduate project with Christy Vaughn  to the present work in court cases such as Common Cause v. Rucho.


  • PRUV Summer Project in Duke Mathematics with Christy Vaughn Graves
  • PRUV Summer Project and Math Independent Study and Senior Thesis with Christy Vaughn Graves
  • ArXix paper published: Redistricting and the Will of the People looks at 2012 election results in NC and finds evidence of gerrymandering
  • First Data+ Project Team funded by Mathematics Department (Students: Sachet Bangia, Bridget Dou, Sophie Guo; Project Manager:  Christy Graves)
  • Algorithm and website produced for further analysis
  • GIS Tools learned/implemented
  • Continuation of Data+ Project funded by Math Dept. & working with Common Cause/Tom Ross (Students: Hansung Kang, Justin Luo; Project Managers: Gregory Herschlag, Robert Ravier)
  • New Java code base produced and tested
  • Presentation at Sanford school
January/February 2017:
  • Produce report for Common Cause vs Rucho case.
Summer 2017:
  • Summer deposition: Rucho vs Common Cause
  • Mattingly et al attend Beyond Gerrymandering event with Common Cause, press conference
  •  New website, “Quantifying Gerrymandering”, is produced
    New paper published on ArXix: “Redistricting, Drawing the Line”
  • Produced 3 expert reports and testified in Common Cause v Rucho
August/September 2017:
  • Fall 2017 collaborate with Eric Lander on his Amicus brief for Gil v Whitford.
  • Discussed in oral arguments by Kagan
Fall 2017:
  • Mattingly testifies at Rucho vs Common Cause trial
  • Gerrymandering Conference held at Duke University with POLIS, IID, and Metric Gerrymandering Group (Tufts)
  • Herschlag writes expert report in North Carolina v. Covington
  • Work on  Gerrymandering in PA
Summer 2018:
  • New Data+ Project: Gerrymandering & the Extent of Democracy in America
  • Consider Maryland
Fall 2018:
  • hold SAMSI Workshop on Quantifying Gerrymandering
  • The 2018-2019 Bass Connections Gerrymandering project has 10-20 undergraduate participants, and will continue the work of the Data+ 2018 project team into the 2019 academic year
Spring/Summer 2019:
  • Quantifying Gerrymandering Team submits expert report to court for Common Cause v. Lewis showing extreme partisan gerrymandering in the 2017 North Carolina legislative map drawn by the N.C. General Assembly
  •  Jonathan Mattingly testifies in Common Cause v. Lewis.