Gabriela Glueck

Premiere March 25 at 5pm
Full Frame Theater

Encore April 15 at 3pm
Ruby Film Theater

The Invisible Beneath is an audio exploration on how we come to our deeply held beliefs. The piece weaves together the narratives of four distinct believers to examine the universality of searching for something beyond our senses. Investigating dowsing (the ancient art of finding underground water and lost objects), Pentecostal Christianity, psychic mediumship, and UFO sightings, The Invisible Beneath asks how we move from curiosity to questions, to confirmation, to faith, and back again. How do our experiences create a world where disbelief seems almost untenable? How do we know that what we believe is true?


Gabriela Glueck is an audio documentarian, filmmaker, and visual artist with a focus on history and memory. Her work seeks to promote empathy and broader understanding across perceived divides.