Charles G. Watson

Premiere April 7 at 7pm
Nasher Museum of Art Auditorium

Encore April 15 at 3pm
Ruby Film Theater

“There are solids, liquids and gases… Glass can be considered a kind of fourth state of matter, unlike anything else and not yet completely understood.” — Dr. William H. Armistead, Research Director, Corning Glass Works

The Glass Evangelist is a multimedia essay which examines the duality of glass as both an artistic expression and a scientific matter, as seen through the lens of the Littleton family of Western North Carolina. The Littletons, whose own multigenerational legacy includes the developer of Pyrex and the father of the Studio Glass Movement, have been pioneers and innovators in a number of fields related to the wonder material for over a century.

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Charles G. Watson is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer from Huntington Beach, California. His multimedia style and intimate approach to portraiture strive to create a poetic experience that is both cerebral and emotionally resonant.