2023-2024 Session

Welcome to the Duke Communicators Mentorship program!

We are thrilled to have such a diverse group of mentors and mentees for this session. Our goal, as a committee, is to make sure you have the resources and support you need. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

On the third Thursday of every month, from 11:00-11:45 am, we will be hosting our monthly workshops. These workshops will run about 45 minutes long with additional time for Q&A. Both mentors and mentees are encouraged to participate since these workshops can lead to great conversations for goal setting.

We have a page dedicated to resources you may find helpful. Links to recordings of our workshops will also be available on this page if you are unable to attend. Workshops are led by various communicators at Duke that are dedicating their time and expertise.


Mentor: Gregory Phillips, Executive Director, Editorial Content and Media Relations, University Communications
Mentee: Jason Elliott, Assistant Director, Strategy and Administration, Office of Sustainable Duke

Mentor: Sean Rowe, Manager, Strategic Communications, Duke Law
Mentee: Minerva Matos-Garner, Communications Strategist, Computer Science (AiiCE)

Mentor: Joanna Murdoch, Stewardship Coordinator, Foundation & Donor Relations
Mentee: Maggie Elliott, Program Coordinator, Sr., Office for Faculty Advancement

Mentor: Valerie Marino, Assistant Director of Marketing and Digital Communications, Duke Law
Mentee: Jessica Nipper, Program Coordinator, Sr., Duke Anesthesiology

Mentor: Elizabeth Thompson, Public Relations Specialist, Sr., Trinity Communications
Mentee: Hannah Vitiello, Communications Specialist, Margolis Center

Mentor: Karl Bates, Executive Director, Research Communications, University Communications
Mentee: Meghan Gurlitz Holden, Project Planner, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Mentor: Dan Vahaba, Director of Communications, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Mentee: Evan Watson, Marketing Research Specialist, Duke University Press

Mentor: John West, Multimedia Producer/Director, Trinity Communications
Mentee: Yesenia Martinez-Yanez, Marketing Specialist, Duke Performances

Mentor: Robin Smith, Senior Science Writer, University Communications
Mentee: Chuck Givens, Communications Specialist, Office of Global Affairs

Mentor: Alissa Kocer, Communications Strategist, Office of Strategic Communications, Precision Genomics Collaboratory
Mentee: Sabrina Brown, Marketing Specialist, Pratt School of Engineering

Mentor: Bryan Reklis, News Writer/Producer, Sr., University Communications
Mentee: Taylor Shain, Multimedia Production, Fuqua

Mentor: Ben Kimmel, Assistant Director, Digital Communications, University Communications
Mentee: Kimberly Dorman, Special Assistant, SOM/Department of Medicine

Mentor: Elizabeth Richardson, Communications Specialist,
Mentee: Antonia Terrazas, Program Coordinator, Bass Connections

Mentor: Carol Jackson, Departmental Web Administrator, Sanford School of Public Policy Communications
Mentee: Hayley Foran, Communications Specialist, School of Law

Mentor: Frank Tramble, Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs
Mentee: Jamal Michel, Senior Communications Specialist, Pratt School of Engineering