For Mentors

Applications open soon for 2024-2025

While the mentorship program is primarily intended to aid mentees in their career development, it should also be a rewarding experience for mentors. Mentors will build relationships with up-and-coming professionals at Duke University, and have the opportunity to gain new perspectives — and in some cases even learn new skills — from their mentees.

Preference will be given to mentors with at least ten years of experience in your field and at least two years of that experience working at Duke.

You should be able to meet with your mentees at least once a month as well as attend an introductory session with your mentee at the beginning of the semester. Make sure you are otherwise able to maintain an open line of communication with your mentees and respond to their questions in a reasonable amount of time.

All mentors must complete an introductory mentorship training program.

Conversations between mentors and mentees should be confidential. Mentors should not disclose information to a mentee’s┬ásupervisor or HR unless given explicit permission to do so by their mentee, or if their mentee’s health or safety is at risk. The only information shared with the mentorship program committee will be through the application and evaluation forms.

At the end of the program, mentors and mentees will be asked to complete an online evaluation to provide feedback on their time in the program and to inform future improvements to the program.