For Mentees

Applications open soon for 2024-2025

Being a mentee requires more than just showing up to meetings with a mentor. As a mentee, you should be ready to provide significant input to the relationship. Our goal is to match the mentor and mentee so the mentorship can grow into a valuable relationship.

It’s important to remember that your mentor is a volunteer. They have more experience in the field, and they are taking time out of their schedule to help you develop and grow, so there must be healthy boundaries and respect in your relationship.

Your mentor will give you tools and guidance, but you must be willing to take charge of your learning by asking questions and actively participating in the conversations.

Building a trusting relationship is important for successful mentorship. If you are struggling or have concerns about your career, please let your mentor know.

Your mentor will have a limit to their knowledge and abilities. Don’t become frustrated if they cannot help you in specific areas. Instead, talk with them and focus your work together on areas where they can support your development. If you need guidance beyond that which your mentor can give you, ask for their recommendations to help you find others who have the necessary skills.

A mentorship can be an amazing and productive way to improve yourself. Take advantage of this relationship and learn as much as you can, but be constantly aware of ways to better yourself and the relationship.