The Global Fellows Program has been one of my favorite parts of Duke. Not only have I learned a lot, I’ve also met incredible people. I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a wonderful community at Duke, and for that, I am so grateful.

The Global Fellows Program has reminded me of the value of being able to meet new people. Although there are many parts of this program that may have been altered to adhere to COVID guidelines, being able to meet my language face to face, going to English Conversation Club in person, having trainings while eating food was a highlight of my semester. It was a small part of the overall program, but I am so glad I was able to engage in-person.

The Global Fellows Program has taught me that there is reward in taking my time. Being an undergraduate at Duke, there is so much to rush through. We have to rush through our T-reqs, get a summer internship, and figure out our majors. In taking my time to get to know my language partners, people at the English Conversation Club, I have built relationships I will value for the rest of my life. Taking my time to be genuine and listen earnestly is a strength. I hope to continue to remember that slowing down is not always a negative thing. There is so much of my life to rush through. Slowing down always comes with its own kind of rewards.

While the Global Fellows Program has introduced me to a wonderful, diverse community at Duke, it has also pushed me to become more in tune with the challenges Duke’s global community faces. It has taught me that care cannot be superficial and it must come with the commitment to back it up. I hope to continue supporting the global community at Duke, especially in my new role as an IHOP for the upcoming school year.

The Global Fellows Program has helped me find an amazing community at Duke. I am so grateful to Ling, Hal, all IHouse staff, and the rest of my cohort for welcoming me as a Global Fellow. It has truly been an honor, and I wish it didn’t have to end so soon. I wish next year’s Global Fellows the best of luck!