A collaboration between the Duke International Student Center (DISC), Office of Global Affairs (OGA), and Career Center, the Duke Global Fellows Program is aexperiential learning and leadership program that develops students’ global competency and prepares them to be true global citizens who make positive impacts around them. The students in the program also serve as the “face” of Duke’s student population to visiting international scholars and guests. 

The program can help you develop a global skill set with on-campus training and networking. No travel required!

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This program is open to all Duke undergraduate students who will be enrolled in the academic year when the program is offered. Please note that due to the in-person commitments, students are not able to participate in Global Fellows while they are studying abroad.

Through the program, selected students will:

  • Deepen their intercultural and leadership skills by serving Duke’s international community.
  • Increase their awareness and understanding of other cultures and languages.
  • Adopt pluralism in their life by recognizing how different perspectives arise from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Identify and understand their own cultural preferences and worldview.
  • Learn effective strategies to communicate and work across cultures.
  • Develop transferable skills to leverage in a job search or graduate school application.
  • Strengthen their resume with a strong service and civic/global engagement component, demonstrated by the Global Fellows certificate.

The program is perfect for you, if you:

  • Are open-minded to other cultures and willing to learn from interacting with international students and scholars.
  • Would like to prepare yourself before studying away through DukeEngage or Global Education Office programs.
  • Want to continue your global experience and keep the foreign language skills you have obtained abroad.
  • Are interested in pursuing an international career.
  • Enjoy cultural diversity and are seeking opportunities for global engagement within Duke and Durham.

Meet the 2022-2023 Cohort!


Please email Natalia Cervantes at n.cervantes@duke.edu.