I. Overview

Each semester, a select cohort of domestic and international undergraduate students will be selected to participate in the Global Fellows Program. Participation in the program requires a one-semester commitment with up to 4 hours of work weekly.

As a Global Fellow, you will attend five intercultural and leadership development training sessions and support several global programs and events on campus. You may occasionally be called upon to liaise with visiting international scholars, Fulbright Scholars, and foreign delegations to develop leadership and diplomatic skills. You’ll also complete a final service project at the end of the program.

This is a nonpaid volunteer position. After completing the program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion endorsed by the Duke International Student Center (DISC), Office of Global Affairs (OGA), and the Career Center and may request letters of recommendation from the Associate Vice Provost for Global Affairs and Senior Associate Dean of International Students.


II. Program Requirements

  1. Attend five intercultural and leadership development training sessions over the course of the semester.
  2. Complete 10 service hours with DISC, OGA, and/or other global programs and offices at Duke.  Some examples may include, depending on availability:
  3. Write a monthly intercultural journal entry to reflect on your experiences in the program (prompts will be provided).
  4. Design and complete a final service project to support Duke’s international community.
    • Possible ideas include developing a handbook or resource for new international students, organizing an event, proposing and designing a new program, or writing an op-ed or news article that raises awareness of global programs, communities and issues at Duke and beyond.


Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment 

Fellows will take the Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment (IDI) to understand their intercultural competence and measure the progress they have made through the program. Fellows will take a pre-test at the beginning of the fall semester and a post-test at the end of the Spring semester. IHouse staff will facilitate the debrief of the assessment.

III. Expected Outcomes 

The Global Fellows Program helps participants:

  • Deepen their intercultural and leadership skills by serving Duke’s international community.
  • Increase their awareness and understanding of other cultures and languages.
  • Adopt pluralism in their life by recognizing how different perspectives arise from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Identify and understand their own cultural preferences and worldview.
  • Learn effective strategies to communicate and work across cultures.
  • Develop transferable skills to leverage in a job search or graduate school application.
  • Strengthen their resume with a strong service and civic/global engagement component, demonstrated by the Global Fellows certificate.