I have learned a number of things throughout my time in the Global Fellows Program, all of which have certainly helped me to further develop my intercultural competency. Namely, the program has allowed me to become a more effective leader in multicultural spaces, acknowledge cultural differences more constructively, and simply become a more culturally aware and receptive individual. I have explored the different types of leadership approaches and what renders each of them successful given contextual and scope-of-oversight differences. Through the program, my communication and teamwork abilities have been enhanced, as well. The experiences that have most significantly contributed to this are organizing events in the Leadership Track, my time with my language partners, and speaking with Rita Masese about topics related to global health and healthcare, more generally.

As someone who hopes to pursue a career within healthcare, intercultural competency is something that is absolutely integral to serving as an effective healthcare worker but is often overlooked in education and the workplace. In moving forward both professionally and personally, I hope to apply many of the things I’ve garnered throughout the Global Fellows Program and continue to work to develop my intercultural skills, communication, and leadership, and I would ultimately like to develop some sort of educational intervention to be used for pre-medical or medical students so as to enhance intercultural competency. I’m not entirely sure what that educational intervention would look like as of now, but it is something that I would like to work on throughout the next year. I think it would also be great to be able to work with future cohorts of Global Fellows and speak about my experiences with intercultural competency in the healthcare setting, in particular. This program has been amazing, and I would like to thank everyone involved for making it so fantastic!