The Global Fellows Program has been a journey of growth and introspection for me. Over twelve months, I spent countless hours immersing myself in other cultures, understanding the true meaning of cultural diversity in the process. From engaging in discussions in the English Conversation Club to the event planning with my cohort, not to mention the evening strolls I took with my language partner, all of them worked in sync to show me the true meaning of cultural diversity. Before taking this program, I used to view knowledge of other cultures as a passport that opens access to unknown worlds, now I see culture as a breathing, living mass that records and carves the aspirations of a people. I am grateful to all the people I interacted with for over a year who helped me come closer to obtaining an evolved understanding of culture and cultural diversity. Between my first IDP and my final interview with Ling, I could see how my cultural understanding has progressed by leaps and bounds. The program greatly helped me feel comfortable being a person from India studying in a completely new country by helping me understand how my cultural and linguistic roots form the bedrock of my persona, reminding me that my culture does not alienate me but rather fortifies my core. I am grateful for the efforts by the IHouse team for helping me grow from strength to strength in this year-long journey.