My name is Lenny. My sister and I arrived here in America on the Fourth of July.

Q: And where are you from?

A: We came from Rwanda. But, my nationality is Congolese.

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Q: What did you think of the United States when you first arrived?

A: We had a vision of America ; we had different dreams and visions of the people that are here. When we arrived, everybody was moving in circulation and it was very different from our country.


Q: And you told me earlier that you all didn’t like the United States a lot during your first month here, why and how did that perception change ?

A: When I came to America, I was with my sister, certainly. And where we lived, the people there, I never saw people who didn’t say hello to you. Every morning, when I was in my country, I always had a vision of someone saying ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you ?’ But, when we arrived here, I was only with my sister, always side-by-side with me, and things were very different than in my country.

After, we did meet a lot of different people that we liked and who liked us, while learning how to do things differently in America, like how to prepare food and how to do other things that are different in America than in our country.

Q: What do you do now? Do you work?

A: I work currently, We found jobs.

Q: What do you want for your futures in the United States?

A: I’m going to study. My future, after five years, I want to be an engineer. I’m going to start my studies next year at Durham Tech. I want to study the sciences. 


Q: Do you believe you’ve found a community and friends here?

A: Yes, we have met someone from our country and others, who don’t live in Durham but in Raleigh.


I like reading. The book I’m reading now is called Gandhi.



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