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@mel_rosina Agreed! But I get frustrated that we always tell students "Discuss expectations with your supervisor" (yes, good advice), but rarely tell the advisers "Discuss expectations with your trainees." We hold the authority so we should take (more of) the responsibility, but often don't.

5. “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it” is the biggest lie you can tell yourself!"
What else would you add? #PhDChat

Please RT: Hey #photochemistry and #photobiology postdocs. We are hiring a tenure-track faculty to start Fall 2019. Apply by Nov 10

Hey would-be postdocs, @FranzLabDuke is hiring! If you like metal homeostasis, chemical biology and bioinorganic chemistry as much as we do, apply here: Your expertise in inorg chem or microbiology is needed for #metalsinmedicine & #metalsinbiology.

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