Great thread, but it misses, as is usual, Goeppert Mayer’s contribution to chemistry in the theory of isotope effects. The story as I understand it was that during the Manhattan project Jacob Bigeleisen was working on a theory of isotope effects on a chalk board, and Goeppert

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The physicist Maria Goeppert Mayer was born #OTD in 1906. She developed the nuclear shell model of the nucleus, for which she was awarded the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Today, I am going to be sharing some beautifully written insights from the folks at @DukeGradSchool regarding Masters and PhD programs’ application to USA universities.

This is a one-stop shop regarding the Start to Finish ⭐️

- How to Choose the Right Graduate School:


"we r overbrimming w/ hope as America awakens to the notion that all lives cannot matter until BlackLivesMatter too. We are black academics in America... it's time for colleagues to listen &, in this instance, follow" @KafuiDzirasa


A new documentary, ‘Picture a Scientist,’ features Raychelle Burks (aka @DrRubidium), the 2020 winner of ACS's Grady-Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public.

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