Ventilation is one of the best approaches we have for reducing respiratory disease and it’s time to pay attention again as cases of COVID are so high. Here’s some Saturday morning thoughts on what to do now and in the future 1/

In honor of Juneteenth we are excited to make public the result of our 1-year-old #A4BL bootcamp work: A guideline for writing anti-racist tenure and promotion letters.

A thread on designing visually appealing slides. There are lots of great books/websites/videos about making slide presentations—this thread will focus on quick visual design tips that are easy to employ. Compiled by @__Matt_Carter__ . 🧵1/25

Sunscreen’s oxybenzone can be converted from a UV blocker to a phototoxin inside cells of anemone and coral, a new Science study finds. The results may help explain why oxybenzone-based sunscreens are harmful to bleached coral reefs. #WorldReefAwarenessDay

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