Looma exists to connect shoppers to the people and stories behind food & beverage products. Our first product, Loop™ At-Shelf Maker Stories, is a network of smart tablets in grocery stores that play short, human-centric films connecting producer to consumer. The data generated by Loop™ fuels our proprietary film production and optimization processes, forming a flywheel we believe will one day power the world’s most sophisticated platform for human-centric point-of-decision video.

This role will consist of three primary emphases. These emphases are listed below, along with the key responsibilities, and projected time allocation associated with each:

1. Network support, troubleshooting, and quality assurance: 40%
2. On-site management of Looma’s NC-based storage facility: 30%
3. In-store fieldwork: 30%

Network Support, Troubleshooting, and Quality Assurance (40%):

-Monitor network health daily and submit support tickets to ensure tablet maintenance needs are addressed in under 48 hours
-Field miscellaneous support requests and questions from Retail Partner employees and escalate as necessary
-Maintain proficiency in Looma’s proprietary network management software in order to provide technical support to Retail Partner employees, Looma’s Field Operations Associates, and other Looma staff working in the field
-Sign-off on the work completed by Field Operations Associates and other third party contractors via review of submitted photo, video, technical configurations, and/or completed checklists for compliance with Looma’s in-store installation protocols and quality standards
-Configure tablets with Looma’s proprietary software to prepare for new store installations and upgrades

On-Site Storage Facility Management (30%):

-Maintain an accurate inventory count of physical items at Looma’s Research Triangle Park-based storage facility
-Receive and inspect incoming deliveries for quality and accuracy
-Organize supplies for large-scale launch projects and one-off maintenance needs
-Support with equipment purchasing and procurement as-needed

In-Store Field Work (30%):

-Perform ad-hoc in-store tablet maintenance
-Provide occasional hands-on training to Field Operations Associates as needed
-Support with installation projects for new store rollouts, program launches, and upgrades


-Ability to learn and embrace new technology
-Excellent customer service orientation; ability to liaise with retail employees at all levels of seniority, electricians and other third-party contractors, and Looma’s network of part-time Field Operations Associates
-Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
-Excited about a role with a combination of administrative and physical work

Structure & Compensation:

Looma will provide a competitive compensation package consisting of base salary and stock options. All Looma compensation packages include cash / equity flexibility (i.e. you can opt for more equity and less cash or vice-versa).

-Employee coverage for health, dental, and vision (gold plan)
-Unlimited PTO (3-week minimum)
-12-week primary caregiver leave
-Flexible office setting (office, flex, or WFH, with associated stipends)
-$100/month craftsmanship stipend

Looma’s Hiring Philosophy: Looma believes culture is one of the strongest predictors of success for a startup. Strong contributors to Looma’s culture will exhibit the following characteristics:

1. Humility
2. Integrity
3. Wisdom
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Grit
6. Joyfulness
7. Fun

Diversity & Nondiscrimination:

Looma believes diversity is a fundamental good, and we are committed to promoting diversity both in our workplace and through the stories we tell. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, marital status, protected veteran status, class or caste status, or any other protected class. Our global nondiscrimination policy covers these protected classes in every market in which we do business.